Quaker Valley Orchards is a 230-acre fruit farm located in the heart of the Adams County fruit belt. The farm has been in the Schulteis’ family for over 45 years.

James and Mae Schulteis purchased the farm in 1963, from the Prichett Family. They grew mainly fruit, specializing in peaches and apples with lots of fond memories of different farm animals and preserving lots of vegetables grown on the farm over the years. In 2000 my husband, Winn (Jim and Mae’s youngest son) and myself, Fredi, took over Quaker Valley Orchards and its operations. But occasionally, Jim returns to PA to visit. 


Winn and I have three children, Bethany, Samantha and JC, and continue to grow apples and peaches as our main crops on the farm. Our goal has been and continues to be to increase the direct sales of our produce. We have added several types of vegetables, small berries, fall ornamentals and cut flowers to the farm’s production over the years.

Our kitchen is certified through the PA Dept. of Ag for home baking and canning. This allows me to make fresh jams and sauces with our own fruit. In 2003 we began doing a tailgate farmer’s market in Mt. Pleasant, D.C. and have since added several other markets in the D.C. area. We have also updated and remodeled the former “in-law” quarters of our home and turned it into a guest house accommodation for local visitors.

So if you are planning a visit to our area, consider us for your lodging. Or if you are looking for tree ripe, fresh fruit or garden fresh vegetables in season, please contact us!