It's winter, what is at market? 



Honeycrisp, Fuji, Pink Ladies, Stayman, Cameo, Candy Crisp,
Nittany and Arkansas Black.  

Winter Squash

Butternut, Spaghetti and Acorn varieties available

Sweet Onions


Other goodies


No Sugar Added, Spiced without Sugar and Apple Apricot

Tomato Sauce

All our tomato sauce sold at market is made on the farm
in our kitchen with our own tomatoes. I make it in small batches
and preserve it using a pressure canner.
We enjoy it all winter long.


All our fruit jam is also made in small batches with
our own fruit in a variety of flavors.


Our Honey is available throughout the season and is from the several hives located on our farm. The bees aid in the pollination of all our fruits, vegetables and flowers.


Choose from traditional Sugar and Spice, Sweetened with Honey,
Spiced without Sugar or No Sugar Added. All are a delicious, guilt free treat
on toast or bread, with yogurt, cottage cheese, or Ice Cream.


Harvested in the fall and sold in the winter months. It pops best when very dry. 
Our popcorn is a very popular snack with young and old alike!
People are always amazed at simply popping it in a paper bag!